2018 Frequent Golfers Package

2018 Frequent Golfers Package Membership Discount

Breaking News: 2018 FGP Membership

Love Golf?

Love the Great Outdoors?

Love Golf with Family and Friends?

Want to play more golf in 2011?

Then you will love this…

This program is for those who want to play more golf, enjoy the great outdoors, and spend more time with family and friends.  The new 2011 FGP Membership (a.k.a. “Frequent Golfers Program” ) is available now.  This would make an excellent Christmas gift (or birthday) for any golfer on your list.  Or, buy yourself a little something for once… what good is working to make your money if you can’t enjoy a little on yourself?  Or, let us help…we can be the messenger to your spouse or S.O.  …just give us an email or mailing address.

Here’s how it works:

  • $99 Individual FGP Membership for 2018

                    o   Renewable each year on or before January 1st
o   Each Member pays the $99
§  excludes any dependent add-ons
o   $20 for 18-holes Monday-Thursday

§  Rates apply whether walking or riding
o   $25 for 18-holes Friday-Sunday

§  Rates apply whether walking or riding
o   SCGA fees are not included
§  Additional $35
o   Membership is NON-Transferable

  •  $69 Special FGP WMC Membership 2018

                    o   .Members of the West Metro Chamber of Commerce in West Columbia, SC
                    o   All bullets under $99 rate apply

  •  $49 Special FGP Residents Memberships for 2018

                    o   Town of Pine Ridge Residents
§  Proof of residency required
o   All bullets under $99 rate apply

·         Prorations for 2018 FGP Members
                    o   $65 July1 – September 30
o   $25 October 1 – December 31

·         Range Ball 2018 Memberships with or without FGP
                    o   January 1st  – December 31st
                    o   $200 Single, Senior, State/Federal/Military
§  Pay for 1 year upfront and save… OR
§  Pay 3 months in advance at $20/Mo = $60
o   $300 Family
§  Pay for 1 year upfront and save… OR
§  Pay 3 months in advance at $30/Mo = $90
§  Family consist of spouses and children under the age of 24 living within the same household

Valentines Day Ideas:

Buy your loved one a Valentines Package Special…….Birthday Present……..Or Just Because…….. Golf Package

Gift Packages:

Package A:  Buy new grips for adult or child’s clubs and we will put them on        varies

Package B:  (2) Gloves and Divot Tool                                                                           $20

Package C:  Dozen Wilson Balls / Towel / Glove                                                          $40

Package D:  Dozen Wilson Balls / $25 Gift Card / Towel                                             $55

Package E:  (1) yr. FGP Membership / Hat                                                                     $100

Package F:  (1) yr. FGP Membership / (1) yr. Range Membership / Hat / Towel      $300

Lesson Specials: 

Package A:  (1) Adult Lesson       $25        or       (1) Junior Lesson       $15

Package B:  (2) Adult Lessons     $40       or       (2) Junior Lessons     $25

Package C:  (3) Adult Lessons     $70       or       (3) Junior Lessons     $40

            *Note:  Package C also includes a 9-Hole Playing lesson

We appreciate, 365 days a year, your business at Charwood Country Club.

Your home course,
Charwood Country Club

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