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Charwood Family,

Just a quick, or not so quick note on some things going on at the Club.  There have been many exciting changes/facelifts to the clubhouse the last 2 months as we are gearing up for the ’08 golf season.


As you may or may not be aware, there are some familiar faces in new positions and some are just plain new faces.  First, Chris Taylor our Superintendent of 14 years is now wide open in his lifetime dream of poultry farming, and I hear he has turned over his first batch of chickens and is now cleaning out the houses…..Whew!!  But to no avail, Jack Miller has risen to the occasion and is doing a wonderful job battling Mother Nature, greens renovations, golfers, etc.  Jack has been with us for 4 year, what were we thinking?


In the Grill, Phil who has been proprietor of Phil’s on the Green for 12 years, decided to retire of which we congratulated him on a job well done.  But, somehow in January, just after his retirement date of December 31st, he reappeared behind the counter with all smiles…..imagine that!!  Welcome back Phil.  We did not have to look far (literally) for a replacement to fill Phil’s shoes as Phil’s partner of the last several years (catering partner that is), Roy (Rushing of Sawgrass) has stepped in and taken over the reign as the Manager of LC’s Grill at Charwood.  As most of you know, LC was the founder of Charwood and cooked breakfast in the grill every Saturday morning until Phil relieved him of his duties as proprietor.  It is only appropriate that we name this LC’s .  Roy has taken this to a new level and built off such a great base.


There are some exciting ideas in planning for LC’s of which I’ll touch on and have details following at a later date. Some plans in the making are to include delivery, locally by golf cart of any daily menu item on any day of the week; a weekly dinner special one day of the week.  We will prepare a take out dinner that can be delivered to your door (Sawgrass, Rockford Place, CourtYard or you can enjoy a Happy Hour when you pick it up at LC’s.  There will also be popcorn on the house while consuming/eating here.  Once or twice monthly there will be an in-season themed outing with music/DJ or live band.  Look for details to follow.


The Golf Shoppe has got it going on (and coming in).  Shayne Hilton who served us well for years has moved on to other endeavors and we wish him the best of luck.


We also have created a new position for Sales & Marketing.  Kelly is responsible for booking and coordinating our existing customers, but also recruiting new outings and members.  We will have a program for referrals to be forthcoming.


In the meantime if you or someone you know has golf, social outings or is interested in membership, please put them in touch with Kelly.


As everyone knows, for all of these people I just mentioned there is always someone behind the scenes to keep everything running  (Do you want the man in charge or the woman who knows what’s going on?).  For 9 years Nancy held it all together but decided to pass the baton or the burden rather, to Jeannie.  Jeannie comes very qualified to assist/straighten us all out and does so from the upstairs desk in her command center.


As you can see, there have been some changes. These changes are to take the excellent base that was established by LC in the early 70’s and built upon over the years, with excellent staff, great friends and customers who take pride in their club.  We intend to take our past successes and build upon them with even better facilities, but more so, services and social environment.


Many items to come include a rewards program, birthday club, referral program, social events on weekends/evenings, local golf events/socials and corporate/business golf outings.  We intend to use a substantial investment in technology to assist us in servicing and rewarding you.  We have also engaged a website company to roll out our new website next month which will also allow you to book your tee-times 24/7 from the office, home, in the car, PDA or while out on the boat.


If you need anything at all, whether from home, from the office, from the road or need a care package while out on the back nine, just call, after all, at the end of the day we are just here to serve you.

At your service, Club Phone for Tee or Tea                  803-755-2000

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