Golfers Helping Families

Golfers Helping Families…Let’s Pay It Forward to these 14 children this Christmas (2018)

“Golfers Helping Families”

Let’s Unite to “Pay it Forward” this Christmas…

Many of us are fortunate enough to have not only what we need at Christmas, but throughout the year as well.

With God and family being at the top of that list, we also need items to help keep us warm and comfortable such as

blankets and clothes.  Children not only need essential items and the love and support from their family, but to also

be a kid.  Remember your first bike?  Your first baby doll?  Reading the “Night Before Christmas” book with mom

or dad and not being able to go to sleep with excitement because you knew Santa was coming down the chimney

bringing you toys that night?  I grew up in a family of 4 girls and 1 boy.  I vividly remember my dad reading  the

story of the birth of Christ on Christmas Eve every year, and my mom would reading us the “Night Before

Christmas” book.  I can remember it being so hard to go to sleep that night because Santa was coming.  I even

remember thinking, “what if he comes to my room to see if I’m really asleep and behaving?”.  “What

if I don’t get that bike this year because I haven’t been as good as Santa thinks I should have been.  I know all of

you have many family, and personal, Christmas stories.  So it saddens me to think that there are so many kids out

there that not only won’t have a Christmas this year, but also don’t know the true meaning of Christmas.  They may

have or will lose hope in the magic of Christmas, or think “If i had only been a little nicer this year, maybe Santa

would have come”.  As a mom myself (and I know all you dads too), it would break my heart to have to

explain to my children that there is no Santa.  Have you ever just watched the look on the faces of your kids or

grandkids when they see Santa at the mall, or here bells ringing, or wake up every morning to find where the “Elf

on the Shelf” has moved to?  Or mark off another date on the calendar to be one more day closer to Christmas?

Or when their certain they’ve spotted Rudolph’s red nose on Christmas Eve flying through the sky, and you go

along with it knowing it’s really a Boeing 747.  But there are so many families right here in our backyards that will

have to let go of that magic.  With tears in my eyes, my heart goes out to them.  So many children need our help…

many we may never hear or know about; and I wish there was a way we could help each and every one.

I want you to know what I know; and want you to know why we are helping these families.

This family has 2 girls, Savannah and Cheyenne.  Their mom has cancer and dad has lost his job.  Their

house is in foreclosure.  Dad can barely make the utility payments on the odd in jobs he is currently working.  This

family put up a Christmas tree, but could not afford to put lights on it.  Mom had extra stress on her wondering how

she was going to provide a Christmas morning for her 3 and 5 year old.

The next family has 8 children, Chloe, Kaimberlyn, Kinzie, Kara, Kelsey, Kaley, Kristen, and the only boy,

Tyler.  Mom works a full time job to support these children.  The older kids help take care of the younger ones after

school.  They are all cute little blue-eyed, blond-haired children.  I don’t know if all kids are biologically the moms, or

if it was a ‘hers, his, and mine’ type situation.  I do know that dad no longer lives in the same home.

The final family came a little later than the others, just this week actually.  I had a mom in our community call

with a very heart wrenching story of a family in need.  At the beginning of our conversation, before I knew any

part of the situation, I was feeling a little guilty about asking for your help with 4 more children.  But after hearing

what they are going thru, I feel that this is the right thing to do, and I think you will too.  My understading is that this

was an abusive-type situation.  The dad is no longer in the home.  As a stay-at-home mom, the mom was not

working at the time of seperation, but has now gone back to work full time at a retail store making minimum wage.

There are 4 girls in this family: Rieli (3), Abbi (13), Darbi (16), and Jodi (17).  The oldest has taken on a lot of

resposibility by getting a part-time job after school to help pay the bills and buy groceries.  Reili is in daycare

during the day while mom is working and the other 3 girls are in school.  With mom working retail this time of year,

you can imagine the late hours.  Jodi has had to step in, along with the other 2, to make sure the 3 year old is

picked up from daycare, find dinner to put on the table a night, and get everyone bathed and ready for bed.  It’s

hard enough these days just being a teenager, but when you add all of these other responsibilites on top, it has

been very stressful for all.  The family has had to move from their home into another because of not being able to

afford the payments.  When the girls were asked what they wanted for Christmas, the two oldest said “just for our

mom to have some clothes she can wear to work”.  Something a lot of us take for granted every day when we are

trying to decide “which” outfit to wear that day.  There is not much of a wish list for these kids.

Some of the items have been taken care of already.   I have listed them below and marked through what has

already been purchased.   This family will also be grateful for anything you can do to help.

This year, all 14 children will receive their very own Bible with Luke 2:1-20 marked, and each family “The Night

Before Christmas” book.  We will ask that a member of each family read these verses to the children so that they

will understand why we celebrate a Christmas and give gifts.  Then, to also read the Santa book before bedtime.

Now you know why I am asking for your help this year… Let’s Pay Forward the memorable times we spent

on Christmas morning as a child, help teach children the value of giving to others in times of need, and bring a

smile to their faces and a little joy into their homes.  Christmas day is a time to celebrate….

Keep in mind that gifts do not have to be brand new.  Consignment stores and GoodWill stores are all over

Columbia… even toys your kids or grandkids no longer play would be appreciated.  I went through my closest and

the kids closet just last night.  We had clothes that no longer fit, along with shoes, belts, and a few purses.

There is a “needs” list and a “want” list from each child.    And as we all know, ALL KIDS have a “want list”.

Doesn’t mean they have to get it, just do what your budget allows.  You were once a kid, you may have 1 or 2, or

have grandkids… Sooooo, you know kids….

Let’s unite once again this year to bring smiles to the faces of these boys and girls on Christmas morning.  You

can make a monetary donation, or do the shopping yourself and buy a gift from any of their needs list or wish list

and bring to the club with the name of the child on that gift by Dec 21st.  You can wrap it or leave it unwrapped and

our staff will get it wrapped.  A delivery date will be arranged with each family for “Santa” to come visit.  You are

invited to come along and witness all the joy…

Together, we can Pay It Forward…

Because the lives we touch today, will come

full cirle, and pay it forward tomorrow…

“Children’s Christmas Needs and Wish List”~ The gifts below with an (*) are on a card on the Club Christmas tree to pick so we won’t duplicate ~~ If a gift below has a line thru it, the card has been picked from our little tree ~

Chloe… age (1)… Girl

                Needs:       Warm PJ’s 12-18 months                           Wants:       Any age appropriate toy
Winter clothes 12-18 months
Shirts size 12-18 months
Pants size2-18 months
Shoe size 5 (toddler)
*Warm Coat 18 or 24 month
*Small wooden type port-a-crib with mattress
Diapers size 3 and Baby Wipes

Cheyenne… age (3)… Girl

                Needs:         Pants size 7-8 (girls)                              Wants:       Anything kitty cats
Shirts size 7-8 (girls)                                                   Anything Disney Princess
Shoe size 10 (toddler)                                               *Baby Stroller for dolls
Socks size 6-8 (toddler)                                               Princess movies
Underwear size 10 (girls)                                             Any age appropriate toy

Savannah… age (5)… Girl

                Needs:        Pants size 14-16 (girls)                            Wants:     Anything Scooby-Doo
Shirts size 14-16 (girls)                                                Anything with kitty cats
Shoes size 12 (toddler)                                                Anything Taylor Swift
Socks size 8-9 (toddler)                                               Tom and Jerry movies
Underwear size 14 (girls)                                             Any age appropriate toy

Kaimberlyn… age (5)… Girl       

                Needs:        Warm PJ’s size 5 (toddler)                        Wants:         *Nintendo DS (oldest one)
*Warm Coat size 6 or 6X                                                Girl games for Nintendo DS
Church Clothes + school clothes                                     Likes any girlie type toys
Shirts size 5T                                                        Board games
Pants size 5T (slim)
Shoe size 10 (toddler)
Socks and Underwear

Kinzie… age (9) …Girl

                Needs:         Warm PJ’s size 6 (girls)                            Wants:          *Bike
*Warm Coat size 7/8 (girls)                                              Likes any age appropriate toy
Church clothes + school Clothes                                      Board games
Shirts size 6
Pants size 6 (slim)
Shoe size 11 (toddler)
Socks and Underwear

  Kara… age (11)… Girl

                Needs:          Warm PJ’s size 7/8 (girls)                          Wants:           *Bike
                                    *Warm Coat size 9/10 (girls)                                             *Music CD player or MP3
Church Clothes + School Clothes                                        Likes any age appropriate toy
Shirt size 7/8                                                           Board games
Pants size 7/8 slim
Shoe size 2 (ladies)
Socks and Underwear

Kelsey… age (13)… Girl

               Needs:                                                                           Wants:
                                   Warm PJ’s size 14 or women’s small                                 *MP3 Player
                                  *Warm coat size 16/18 girls or women small                       Any type of Music CD’s
                                   Church Clothes + School Clothes                                       Loves Taylor Swift
Shirt size 14 (girls)/Women small                                Make-up (light colors)
Pants size 14 (girls)                                                   Likes girly things
Shoe size 8 ladies
Socks and Underwear

Kaley… age (14)… Girl

               Needs:                                                                           Wants:
                                    Warm PJ’s size 14 or women’s small                                *MP3 Player
                                  *Warm Coat size 16/18 or women small                               Likes Taylor Swift type music
Church Clothes + School Clothes                                        Make-up (light colors)
Shirt size 14 girls or women small                               Likes girly things
Pants size 14 (girls)
Shoe size 7 (ladies)
Socks and Underwear

Tyler… age (16)… our only Boy

              Needs:                                                                            Wants:
                                     PJ Pants size Men’s Small                                               *Wii Fit game for a Wii
*Warm Coat- Camouflage Size Men’s Medium              *Mario Kart game for Wii
*Comforter –boyish kind- Queen Size bed                                 (Game Stop has used games)
Sheets for Queen size bed                                                 Any boyish games for Wii (he had                                                                                                                                       used Wii console given to him)
Shirt size Men’s Small
Pants size 28/30
Shoe size 9 Men’s
Socks, White T-Shirts, and Underwear

Kristen… age (17)… girl

                            Needs:                                                                            Wants:
                                     PJ’s size Small                                                                    None
Warm Coat size Medium Ladies
Shirt size Small
Pants size 5/6
Shoe size 6 1/2 ladies
Socks and Underwear

Rieli… age (3)… girl

              Needs:                                                                                            Wants:
                                     PJ’s size 4T                                                                             Thomas the Train set
  Winter Clothes in Size 4T                                                       Bike
Coat Size 5T
Shoe Size 8 (Toddler)
~  Her favorite colors are Blue and Green

Abbi… age (13)… girl

              Needs:                                                                                             Wants:
                                     PJ’s size X-Small in Juniors                                                   Guy Harvey T-Shirt (no pink)
  Coat size Small in Juniors
Any Winter Clothes
Pants size (0) in Juniors                                                        
Shirt size X-Small in Juniors
Shoe Size 8 (Ladies)
~  She likes all colors except pink

Darbi… age (16)… girl

              Needs:                                                                                             Wants:
                                     PJ’s size Small in Juniors                                                         None
  Coat size small-medium in Juniors
Any Winter Clothes
Pants size (1) in Juniors                                                        
Shirt size Small in Juniors
Shoe Size 7 (Ladies)
~  Her favorite color is purple ~

Jodi… age (17)… girl

              Needs:                                                                                             Wants:
                                     PJ’s size Small in Juniors                                                         None
  Coat size medium-large in Juniors
Any Winter Clothes
Pants size (3) in Juniors                                                        
Shirt size Medium in Juniors
Shoe Size 7 (Ladies)
~  Her favorite color is green ~

The Mom of Rieli, Abbi, Darbi, and Jodi wears:  Pants: Ladies size 6 / Shirt: small-medium / Coat: size small-medium.  She likes all colors except Green and Yellow.

The Mom of Chloe, Kaimberlyn, Kinzie, Kara, Kelsey, Kaley, Kristen, and Tyler wears:  Pants: Ladies 7/8 / Shirt: Medium / Shoe: 5 1/2 – 6 ladies / Coat: size medium-large

Note:  The children from each family are listed together above.  Please feel free to buy (1) item that all could share (ie. games).  Please keep in mind that any of the gifts, whether from the “needs” list (except underwear type item) or “wants” list can
be new or used.  This would be a great time to go thru your own closet or kids closet and pull out items that no longer fit or toys
they play with.  Consignment stores like “Once Upon A Child” on Harbison Blvd. carries Toddler clothes up to 9/10 in girls and
toddler toys.  “Plato’s Closet”, at Bower Parkway next to Wild Wing, is another consignment store and carries girls and boys
sizes “00” and up.  Size “00” or O” will be the equivalent of girls size 14.  “Wish” items like the MP3 Players can be found at Sam’s, Walmart, Target, etc., or may be able to find used by asking them if any have been returned to the store.  I’m fairly sure that any electronic items that have been opened and returned are not considered new any longer.  I saw where K-Mart is advertising MP3’s for sale at $14.99 thru 12-19-10.  Ebay and the SC Trader are another great place to get deals.  Game Stop stores also have used games for the Wii, etc.  The Thrift Store off the Piney Grove exit (I-26) just past the Green’s on the Frontage Road has great prices on clothes and shoes.  Have fun!  Thank you…

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